A little about the original Stormtrooper:

She's a 1991 Yamaha Phazer II, 485cc fan that weighs 402lbs stock. Together we traversed over 6000 miles of trails with varitable hours of cumulative hang time. They dont get more graceful in the air than this one, we've logged more flights than Pan-Am. Sure the Phazer is only a silly little fan cooled ride, but anyone who has seriously ridden one knows that this is no toy. It handles like a porche, floats over powder like a hot-air balloon and at the end of the day leaves you ready for more. She will not be forgotten. After a long and honarable career, she's being put out to pasture (for occassions when I want to scale some really steep hills, she does climb like a spider). I've actually been told that she's too light!?! This last winter some of the guys were fighting over which one was gonna ride her next! (I guess they wanted a break from their XCR and ZR for a little "retro-ride". There is a certain fun factor involved with the old girl!)